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Schonbrun Palace - Vienna - Austria -102_0002.jpg

Schonbrun Palace - Vienna - Austria -102_0002.jpg

Ultravox once recorded a song called Vienna where the chorus repeats “it means nothing to me, oh Vienna”. For me it is quite the opposite, Austria was my gateway to the West and I’ve lived there for nearly two years before arriving in Australia. I have to admit my memories of that time were not as cheerful as theses of the recent visit. It makes all the difference in the world if you see a city or a country as a tourist or as a migrant.

Austria is certainly one of the most beautiful countries one could visit. Lots of history, beautiful art and music and if you are sick of visiting museums and cathedrals you can always escape to the mountains.

Vienna has greeted us with 40C heat so we had to be very careful with our decisions on what to see and where to go. We spend 2 out of our three days there on fun. Prater was a winning formula for my kids and a swimming pool for everyone on the next day. We still found time to see most of the attractions but we did not spend there as much time as we intended. There is only so much heat one can take without air condition in buildings.
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