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Ted Szukalski

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Luzern, Switzerland 102_0773

Luzern, Switzerland 102_0773
Our first stop in Switzerland was Luzern. We arrived there late in the evening during a heavy rain. The weather continued like that for the next couple of days making our experience extra difficult. I say extra, as Switzerland is not exactly like other European countries. Short business hours even in tourist centers, super high prices practically for everything and a very average service. I really did not appreciate when giving a waiter an order to get a reply “you realise how much that is”. By the way it was a 5 Euro cup of tea.

So, perhaps we came across wrong people (they were at the check point, where you get your Motorway Pass, at the restaurant, hotel, ice cream parlour, bank … you get the drift a series of unfortunate events).

Swiss love their country and understandably so. The country side is beautiful, high mountains are spectacular beyond believe and it is all very charming.

Luzern is inviting, colourful and very interesting. The old part of the town is quite small and everything is within walking distance. You will immediately notice quite specific architecture and decorations on Swiss houses. Some of them are real pieces of art. A real treat for the tourists.
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