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Ted Szukalski

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Sandstone features at Pearl Beach

Sandstone features at Pearl Beach
Sandstone features at Pearl Beach Last week I have presented a set of photographs of sandstone from Terrigal. Today was another fantastic day so we decided to visit another favourite spot of mine the Pearl Beach. The most interesting sandstone is a bit away from the main beach, about 15 minutes walk around the headland.

Although distance between Terrigal and Pearl Beach is not great and large percentage of sandstone textures and features are similar, the local rocks have weathered differently, which can be seen by both color and some particular formations like the one show in the photograph here.

I am not geologist and my fascination with sandstone is purely visual, I can see differences and similarities between different locations. One of such, probably obvious, observations is that the richest and most interesting textures occur about 2 to 4 meters above the water levels. Features below and above that range are less pronounced. This may mean the weathering of the features I like to photograph have not been subject to the ocean pounding the shoreline rocks, but rather they were formed via wind and rain or the water level at one time of history was much higher.
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