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Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech Today's newspapers reported on a law passed in the South Australia, which mandates any one who comments on South Australian elections, due in March, to provide full name and address. It also mandates that the owners of such websites where the comments are made must submit these details to the electoral commission on request. This law comes courtesy of South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson, who arrogantly denies this law limits freedom of speech. This is government controlled censorship at its worst.

This law is a rude reminder Australia does not have Bill of Rights in the Constitution, guaranteeing the basic human rights, such as the right to the freedom of speech. Many people in this country assume we have these freedoms protected by law, but this is not the case. Seeing the phrase used over and over on American movies and TV shows gives false impression people in this country are as free as Americans under their First Amendment. We obviously are not and it is time it is change so politicians do not make this country a draconian, Stalinist regime with big brother approach to everyday life. And yes, elections in democratic country or state should be free of any suppressions or limitations on people's opinions. Shame on Michael Atkinson, and shame on SA government for passing this law. I am certain not a single voter who elected you would vote for you knowing you will pass such law.
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