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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

A memory of girl called Monika

A memory of girl called Monika
A memory of girl called Monika This stylized watercolor image is an impressionist interpretation of an old photograph in my album. The photograph was taken 28 years ago. On the reverse side there is a dedication starting with words "I know you will forget ..." February 15th, 1981

Monika, the young girl in this photograph has stayed like this in my memory for all these years. Young, half smiling and half sad. A flame that used to burn sky high. Long since then extinguished by distance and time.

Recently, I have come into contact with her again and in a single conversation the time has caught up with her. She is now a mature woman, with a job, family and everything else that is associated with adult life. Changed beyond recognition and not only in appearance.

So, here is a song, dedicated more to the girl from my memory rather than the contemporary Monika. Budka Suflera, my favourite Polish rock group sings "Martwe Morze" (English title: Dead Sea), which talks about a "frozen memory" with the chorus repeating:

That’s your fate
A frame frozen in time
Dead Sea standing around us
I there is no hope for any wind

World around us surges like swarm
This ardor endlessly lasts
World twirls biting on its tail
Only time advances forth
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