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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Asian girl in colourful skirt

Asian girl in colourful skirt
Asian girl in colourful skirt I have noticed this cute and interesting Asian girl as she was approaching a bus stop opposite Town Hall. She was dressed in black boots, black stockings, black shirt, a very colourful and noticeable skirt and she was wearing a red ribbon in her hair. So to say, she looked a picture. However, she passed me quickly and was walking away. I am not in a habit of pursuing people in the street, so I almost accepted this is one of these moments I have missed when the girl out of the sudden turned around and walked straight into me.

At the point of when I took this photograph she was less then a metre from me. And this leads to the essence of this post. Very recently I have looked at a set of street photographs, which had interesting subjects, were next to perfect technically and yet they lacked something. I have analysed the photos, only to discover all of them were done with a long telephoto zoom at 200mm and 300mm. Another words they were sniped from a long distance. I find that being in the open, right in front of the people I photograph gives me a more natural reactions. It also allows for interaction with the people I photograph. Most people do not care or even notice, but some find it fascinating that they are interesting to a photographer. The photograph of the girl was done at 16mm and that is pretty much where my lens is set to for 99% of the time recently, giving the truth to the saying that a lens is never wide enough.
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