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Blond girl waiting for a bus

Blond girl waiting for a bus

Blond girl waiting for a bus Perhaps this year I should rename my blog to the “Rumblings of a grumpy old man”. There are a lot of things that frustrate me at the moment.

Let’s take this photo of the blond girl waiting for a bus. The frustration and impatience on her face reflects that of many people. Transport in Sydney is rapidly deteriorating. It does not matter if you are traveling by bus or train. My weekly train ticket was today $2 more than last week. Was the train any faster, on time or less congested? NO! In fact, the government is telling us we should accept that the overcrowding on trains will increase from currently acceptable 4% to 17%. Lovely! I can see, especially during summer, all the people fainting due to lack of oxygen or too high temperatures in an overcrowded carriages.
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