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Ted Szukalski

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Girl in trouble

Girl in trouble
Girl in trouble I always have mixed feelings when I see young people begging for money. Usually, it makes me angry as in Australia the social support system is quite extensive. Also, currently Australia is experiencing lowest unemployment numbers in a very long time. Another words if someone wants a job they have a very good chance of finding it.

Having said all of that I could not feel anything else but sorry for this young woman. She wasn’t even actively asking for money. She just sat in the middle of Pitt Street Mall, quite helpless and lost.

Now, this is a place where not only she will get some spare change. I often see people from various charities approaching the homeless and people in need. Seconds after I took this photograph an older woman approached the girl and had a very long conversation with her, passing some brochures in an attempt to help her or let her know where she can find help.

Sadly, 30 minutes later when I was returning from my lunch the girl still was there.
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