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Portrait of a cute girl and her friend

Portrait of a cute girl and her friend

Portrait of a cute girl and her friend This is probably one of the cutest street photographs I have taken in a long time. I was walking along George Street on the opposite side of Sydney Town Hall, when I have noticed this pretty girl talking on her mobile phone and turning her head slowly towards me.

The situation was quite difficult for a good candid photograph. If I would raise the camera to my eye it would take too long and because of the extreme proximity the girl would obviously see me and not be as natural. I decided for a photograph form the hip. Pointed the camera quickly in her direction and pressed the shutter release button at exact point when this cute girl looked at me.

I was very pleased with the result. The girl looks relaxed, talking to someone on her phone and yet at the same time there is some elements of staged view. I think this is the result of her sitting higher than my hand was and looking at me at exact moment of capture.
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