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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Red Cross Volunteer

Red Cross Volunteer
Red Cross Volunteer This photograph of a very young and overly enthusiastic Red Cross volunteer just shows how unexpected human behaviour can be. Today, I have come across two very extroverted women. They were both what I call “characters”. Dressed to be noticed, and yet when I approached them they declined to be photographed. This young man on another hand gave me no option but to be photographed. And yet, charity volunteers usually tend to be shy of the camera.

There is one more interesting part to this photograph. I just reached for the camera and was pulling it out of my backpack when this young man spotted it and started to pose. I did not raise the camera to my eye just pointed it roughly in his direction and let the Canon magic happen.

I need to at this point mention that I owe one of the most controversial cameras Canon has released in recent years: the much discussed Canon EOS 1D Mark III. Some people experienced serious issues with it and for me it works perfectly every time in any situations. My experience is not unique as shown by Freakscore of 9,4 out of 10. The Test Freaks score has a particular comperative meaning as it represents combined value of 53 expert reviews, 181 user reviews, 37 forum threads from 164 sources in 24 countries. Another words it is not a single point of view of one reviewer as is often the case.
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