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Ted Szukalski

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Uninvited guests

Uninvited guests
Uninvited guests I was invited today to join a friend of mine for lunch. Just a simple get together to talk few things out. We know each other for over 8 years and yet in that time we only managed lunch together twice.

We got a table at one of the Hungry Mile restaurants. The place was busy thus we shared the table with a couple of business men. Service was rather slow but it almost did not matter as we had a good conversation going.

After a while the two businessmen left and suddenly for a moment our table turned in to a scene from Alfred Hitchcock horror movie. A menacing horde of hungry seagulls decided to help themselves to the food scraps left by our lunch companions. They were not deterred by our presence at all bringing quite a sudden end to what was otherwise a very nice lunch.
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