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Walking in time a sculpture by Dominique Sutton

Walking in time a sculpture by Dominique Sutton
Walking in time a sculpture by Dominique Sutton I have passed these wire frame figures on George Street hundreds of times in last few years. I have taken numerous photos of them but they never returned a result I wanted. Just by chance I walked one day in the opposite direction and saw them in a totally new light with their long shadows on the pavement. They seemed to dance. This perceived movement is not visible at all when you approach them from the front.

On totally unrelated subject: Australian Federal Elections 2010. I was surprised this morning how many people turned up to vote. We tend to cast our votes roughly at the same time at each elections and in the last 11 years we simply walked straight to the tables to collect the ballot papers. Today there was a 20minute long queue. I wonder if people somehow feel more passionate these elections. The conversation in the queue was not encouraging however. The man directly behind me said "I wish I did not have to vote". Quite sad. It is strange to me how people do not appreciate that they live in a democracy and how little attention they pay to the fact that their vote can indeed make a difference.

Following my own principle of "credit where credit is due" I have renamed the photograph to "Walking in time" a sculpture by Dominique Sutton.
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