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Motorbike future

Motorbike future
Motorbike future During seventies when the first major fuel crisis occurred many people switched their means of transport to motorcycles and scooters. They take far less fuel and are easier to park as they simply occupy less space. And in the city where most people travel to work by themselves it would make a perfect sense as opposite of bringing in your family sized sedan or 4WD (SUV).

With fuel prices setting new records now on weekly basis could this trend occur again? Well, if you look at this photograph of a long row of parked motorcycles you will know it has already started. Only few months ago you would see perhaps a third of these bikes in this particular location.

The other trend is use of public transport, with City Rail reporting an increase of 6 percent of public transport use just in recent month. Problem is Sydney transport system is already in poor condition and overcrowded on most services.

Is there another solution for this fuel crisis? Perhaps change the taxation system and reshape it from penalising luxury cars to penalising “thirsty” cars. However, this again is not a simple issue. A small, economical car may use under 5litres of petrol and yet it is driven always but one person while a large family car consuming 12litres of petrol is often used by at least 3 people or more (mum and kids for example).

Are we really at a point of alternative fuel revolution?
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