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No groom and bride

No groom and bride
No groom and bride Last weekend we visited Cave Beach. A very picturesque seaside town north of Sydney. Famous, for its sandstone cave at the southern end of the beach. However, we arrived from the north, quite far from the cave. We have never been there before therefore we did not realise the cave was on the other end. In a way, I was very glad we did not find it straight away for the scene I have captured at the northern end of the beach was much more rewarding than the cave.

We came upon a wedding setting complete with white carpet, white chairs and tall flag poles but no groom and bride. In fact there was no one there. Beautiful early afternoon, perfect weather. The setting overlooked the beach and yet it was very eery for the lack of people made it very uncomfortable.

Anecdotally, as I was returning to my car with my camera, a couple of beach goers asked me jokingly if I arrived late for the wedding, thinking I was the photographer for the ceremony.

We finally found out where the cave is and drove the couple of kilometers south only to see another wedding right on the beach. There was no white carpet of chairs and the groom and bride were barefoot in the sand. They were surrounded by quite a large contingent of guest all dressed up in formal gear. They looked quite out of place in the middle of the beach. What a strange set of circumstances. I still wondered what happened to the first wedding.
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