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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Aboriginal man playing didgeridoo


There is something magical in the low, re-vibrating sounds of the didgeridoo. Culturally the aboriginal music has no parallel. Human voice, amplified and modified by an empty log of timber.

Give this music half a chance and it will incredibly grow on you. It’s descriptive as the sounds often imitate animal sounds. The underlying tempo can be captivating, almost like in trance music. In fact, many new age aboriginal musicians create a perfect fusion between modern dance beats and the sounds of didgeridoo.

Aboriginal graffiti – Sovereign being


I came across this graffiti mural in a pedestrian tunnel near Central station. In addition to few animal forms such as iguana, turtle and a snake the center piece was this very impressive almost two meter high face of an aboriginal and a misspelled words “Sovereign being” followed by a slogan “Not British subject”. The turtle on the opposite wall was accompanied by “Invasion Day” caption referring to 26th of January – the Australia Day.

Instead of searching for divisive issues I think the aborigines should petition the government in an attempt of unification to abolish “Department of Aboriginal Affairs”. For as long as there is a special department for them it means they are not part of mainstream population. There should be no departments for any social or ethnic groups if we are all equal in the eye of the law.

Here is the gallery with the remaining photograph of the Aboriginal graffiti