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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Actress Jackie


Four Asian girls have created a lot attention as they tried to make a movie near Sydney Town Hall. Their board read “Actress Jackie, scene 1″. They took a number of takes on the same theme, where the “Actress Jackie” would walk forward a few steps, she would stop all of the sudden, turn around and take a photograph. I wish them all the best but at the tempo they were making that movie it will take a long time to reach its completion.

Ms. Kelly Rowland waiving at you


When I photographed Ms. Kelly Rowland few days ago I did not realise how visible will she become in Australian media. Her promoters insured she has appeared on most popular TV shows. Her photographs are in every local paper and magazine. Her smiley and beautiful face is everywhere so for a good measure here is another photograph of her. This time in black and white Kelly Rowland waiving at her fans after a performance.