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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Fortress Sydney – APEC Security


APEC Security measures such as the infamous Wall of Shame are clearly visible in Sydney’s CBD. However, other than being an inconvenience not many people are complaining about it. It reminds to be seen if it fulfills its role in stopping violent protests. Police are hoping that their win in court prohibiting the protest from approaching corner of George and King Streets will prevent what can potentially turn into a full scale riot.

Today’s media also brought news that Sydney is the world’s favourite destination. I am sure none of the people voting has seen this city like it is pictured here.

Fortress Sydney


This is how the Sydney’s exclusion zone for APEC looks like. 2.8m high fence spanning 5km marks the border between the Sydney and World leaders. Erected for security reasons it inconveniences thousands and is a real eyesore. I doubt any one in Sydney would like to present this beautiful city to the world leaders in such light. I understand the security concerns. However, I think the government went over board on this occasion.

I have to add this photo was taken with permission from police, as not all photographs are welcome by the security forces.