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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

The day I photographed an alien


I have entered a large unlit hall. It was pitch black. I was ready to turn around and hit for the dimly lit exit. There is obviously nothing interesting here, I thought.

I made a step towards the exit when lights blinded me. I could make out an outline of a greenish glowing creature in front of me. Extremely long feet and neck were immediately identifiable. Almost without moving I pointed my camera at the apparition and took a shot. The creature moved. I took another photograph despite being overpowered by the lights. I was not sure the camera has anything to focus on in this bizarre mixture of bright light and extremely dark hall. As suddenly as the creature appeared in front of me everything went black and there was nothing to see again. I have copied the photos from my camera to the PC with great anticipation. First photograph showed nothing but white frame from overexposure. To my surprise the second photograph shown here clearly shows the creature I photographed with its strange colours and shapes. I took a photo of an alien!?