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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Immersed in music


First it was Sony Walkman, replaced by mp3 players such as Apple iPod. Both devices created a new way of listening to music and were duplicated by numerous companies in thousands of models. It is hard to imagine what will displace the current wave of mp3 players. They increase their capacity every few months, their sound quality is very good and since many of them have no moving parts they are very reliable. Personal music never sounded that great nor was it so easy to manage. So what innovation will replace them and how long will it take?

Apple iPhone consumer craze


Apple has created a little consumer craze recently in Sydney. First, by opening its huge and very flashy store on George Street and now with the launch of the Apple iPhone. People queued for both events in rather cold temperatures.

It is hard not to admire their marketing approach. It seems these days anything made by apple in electronics goods is an winner. It seems the Apple iPhone will revolutionise the mobile phone scene the way Apple iPod revolutionise portable music players.

Kin observers will note that iPhone although very stylish and functional is not really a pioneer in smart phones category. HTC under various monikers like XDA for example, has manufactured smart phones with touch screen interface for years.