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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Air vent abstract – a side track to street photography


There is no question that street photography revolves mainly around people. Countless situations, characters, juxtaposition scenes bring endless photographic possibilities.

In my daily walks through Sydney from time to time I also notice interesting patterns in architecture. Usually the simpler the pattern the harder it is to spot and yet it provides for very artistic photographs. more

Central Tilba


Only minutes drive away from Narooma is a charming, historic village of Central Tilba. Located at the base of imposing Gulaga/Mt Dromedary the village is surrounded by lush, green pastoral lands. There are plenty of tourist oriented shops selling art craft, souvenirs and an excellent local cheese.

I was really fascinated by the architecture and colour of the cottages. Unfortunately cars are everywhere, so I have selected to photograph unobscured facades hoping the coveys their nature and character.

I also highly recommend a short climb behind the main street to the water tower, where you can admire local views from a high position. It is a perfect spot to spend a relaxing day.

PS: local bakery produces a nice apple pie.