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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Brian Eno illuminates Sydney Opera House


Famous musician, producer and artist Brian Eno is exhibiting his latest art installation LUMINOUS, by painting with light using Sydney Opera House sail roofs as his canvas. Brian projected “77 million paintings” with intention to will encourage artists to tackle global warming


Ghostly congress


At the northern end of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney I found this sculpture of human like figures with bright, featureless faces clad in thick cloaks. I have never noticed it before so it may be a new exhibit. I could not find any references who created it or what it supposed to be. Hoever, I could not refrain from comparing this art to another artist carrying name Szukalski – Albert Szukalski, who had a well known “Ghost” project in Belgium. He placed similar featureless figures made out of white cloaks through cities. He took his art to Death Vally, where “The Last Supper” sculpture had received critical acclaim.