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Ted Szukalski

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Men and fashion sense


Today was one of these strange fashion faux pas for me.

Firstly, in the morning on my way to the train station, I have noticed a young lady, who just got out of her car and was also going to the train station. The girl had her skirt split in the back from the bottom all the way to the belt. The skirt was a part of what looked like a nice, smart business suit. The split revealed her stockings and white shirt. I wasn’t sure what to do but I have gathered courage and gently pointed out that she has her skirt split. She laughed out loud and said “it is meant to be like that”. I felt very foolish and old.

Than during lunchtime I came across the group of Asian man featuring in the above photograph. One of the mean was wearing high heels and the other one had pants with the crotch closer to the knees then I have ever seen in any pair of trousers. It wasn’t particularly bad, but it just seemed odd.

I obviously know nothing about fashion but I am not sure if this is shock fashion or just attention seeking. If it is the later, it worked at least for me as a photographer.