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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Fashion Review


In street photography it seems the photographer is never close enough to reflect being the part of the event or scene he is photographing. In this particular case I was too close. Standing at a major pedestrian crossing opposite the Sydney Town Hall I have noticed a young woman standing next to me fidgitting around her clothing. She was in quite peculiar assembly of cloths and drew attention of the older woman standing on her right. It is hard to read from her face if she disapproved of the fashion the young woman was wearing but she certainly was interested in the outfit and the actions of the girl.

Enigmatic girl


On my daily walks I come across many different characters. I photograph people because human nature and behaviour interests me, sometimes because there is a peculiar situation and sometimes, like in this case, because the person has something special about them that draws an instant attention.

This tall, pretty girl in an unusual dress walked in a particular way – gracefully, gently and yet with a lot of self confidence. She held her head high and proud with some expression of satisfaction or happiness. She seemed to be oblivious to all the people around her.