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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Cutely dressed girl


This photo blog has been derailed a bit via recent events and drifted away from its usual everyday people candid photography. To bring it back on trail I have selected this recent photograph of a young, attractive girl and her friend.

I took this photograph because her attire was certainly noticeable among the majority of business clad people in the Sydney CBD. The girl was wearing a small, dark hat, white shirt with a bow tie, an interesting “puffed up” skirt and thigh high black stockings with a pair of smartly looking shoes. The overall look reminded me of some Japanese trends/fashions, especially the stockings. Very pretty and cute.

Girl powdering her nose


Sometimes I publish photographs because someone or something has drawn my attention. This time however the subject of the photographs is not so much the attractive girl powdering her nose in the busy Pitt Street Mall but the play of light created by strong mid-day sun and the shadows of the leaves.