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Ted Szukalski

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Street photography – why do it?


On one of the Internet forums, where I post my photographs frequently, a lively discussion took place on merits of street photography. The debate seems to have three sides with varied but not always opposing viewpoints to it.

Firstly, the photographers, who take street candids, see it as a form of art, which captures people in their natural environment exhibiting their natural behaviours. Secondly, the photographers who view this as a form of art, but acknowledge only a small proportion of candid photographs as worth looking at. Finally, there was a group of photographers, who see no purpose or for that matter any photographic or artistic skills in this medium at all.

Yes, this is discussion was conducted on a photographers for photographers forum and thus the audience is rather of a very narrow demographic.

Happy cowboy


On the other side of George Street, almost directly opposite the Town Hall a guitarist busker sets up show almost everyday this week. I’m yet to take a good photograph of him but he poses every time I point my lens at him. So, it is a task for another time. He plays semi-classical guitar pieces with strong Spanish undertones. It is an interesting place he selected to play at. It is a busy walkway, a bus stop near by and long set of steps leading to an office tower thus he always has an audience – willing or otherwise.

Today, at the bus stop there was this old man in a cowboy hat. He had an interesting face and I wanted to take his photograph. He seemed quite distant, uninterested and expressionless but when the music stopped a big smile appeared on his face and he clapped his hands loudly in an obvious appreciation for the music. Snap.