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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Hush for homeless


Mission Australia has recently conducted an awareness campaign called “Hush for homeless” with a motto “Say nothing and do something for homeless Australians”.

This is a very noble undertaking and Mission Australia has a long track record of helping these in need. However, on this occasion I felt the approach was oxymoronic. In Martin Place a large contingent of people wearing the campaign T-shirts were giving a loud performance, singing and feeling very good about themselves while a homeless man sat 5 meters from the stage totally ignored by the do-gooders. Hush!

Correction: As you can see from the comments below I have received an email from Patrick F. of Mission Australia reassuring me that the man was offered help by Mission Australia staff. Thanks Patrick. Good to know that my observation was just temporary.

Daredallion Week – for men’s cancer


I wasn’t sure what to think of this man, with his big grin, riding a bike straight at me in a Wonder Woman’s outfit. Sydney is full of strange people so I guessed he must be one of them. Only than I have noticed a small group of people to the left of him with a video camera. This made me realise this is either some stunt or a promotion, but there was no obvious signs as what it relates to.

One of the ladies in this group approached me while I was reviewing this photograph on the LCD of my camera and giving a small paper leaflet said “Here, you may as well know what you have photographed”. The leaflet has a web address

Now, everything was much clearer. This man was doing a dare for a very good cause: men’s cancer awareness. The girl turned around and walked away to give the leaflets to other people leaving me with a tear in my eyes. If you follow this blog you may remember my father has passed away very recently as a result of prostate cancer. So, this crazy dare is from someone with big heart underneath hopefully leading to some funds raised toward cancer research. And this post is a small thank you from to the man on the bike and the Daredallion organisers.