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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

We love to see you smile


Couple of days ago I went for my usual walk along the streets of Sydney. Usually, I walk alone, as this allows me to concentrate and spot the photographic opportunities, and I do not need to ask anyone to stop, move out of the way or explain why I take this or other photograph. The moment I existed our building, I got a phone call from a friend saying he also needs to get out for some fresh air and would I mind if he tagged along. With some reservation I said yes. We talk often, and I respect him a lot, but I have never had him see me taking photographs. Surprisingly, he was more than aware what I was doing and not even for a moment was he in the way of my lens.

It is much harder to talk on one subject and concentrate on taking unrelated photographs, like this one of two mothers pushing baby strollers along George Street. I thought the slogan “We love to see you smile” written on a McDonald’s T-shirt across rather substantial bust of one of the ladies was rather very cheeky. In a way, having someone along and talking to them makes for a fine disguise as people pay even less attention to you.