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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Extra Dry in a park


This is one of these pictures that do not fit any real category. I guess it is an abstract.

When we reached Wisemans Ferry we stopped in the park on the east bank for a deserved rest and a refreshing ice cream. There were very few people there, so the park was quiet.

Old man at a bus stop


As I was returning from my daily walk today I came across this old man asleep in the bus shelter. He had no shirt on and his torso was exposed to the sun. It is worth mentioning it was well over 30C today. There was a beer bottle next to man and his rather poor state may indicate he was homeless. Usually in cases like that I ask a city ranger to intervene, to check on the man. Sun stroke is not something I wish upon anyone. There were no city rangers near by and after getting some verbal abuse from the man after asking if he is OK I walked away.