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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Discarded bicycle


I found this discarded bicycle on the beach at Terrigal. I guess people throw out many things but the state of this bicycle indicated some major abuse. Its has malformed frame and handlebars not to mention totally demolished wheel. It looks like a result of some violent, thoughtless act.

And just a reminder yesterday was a Clean Up Australia Day.



Have you ever seen a Kawasaki bicycle? Well, I for one never did, so when I noticed this girl approaching the pedestrian crossing on this odd size and shape bicycle with Kawasaki branding I decided to take a photo of it. However, by the time I raised the camera to my eye my interest in the bicycle has quickly shifted to its owner, a young girl, who out of nowhere decided to have this huge stretch right in front of me. So, here is a photograph, which started as a bicycle curiosity and ended up with a human behaviour.