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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Cutely dressed girl


This photo blog has been derailed a bit via recent events and drifted away from its usual everyday people candid photography. To bring it back on trail I have selected this recent photograph of a young, attractive girl and her friend.

I took this photograph because her attire was certainly noticeable among the majority of business clad people in the Sydney CBD. The girl was wearing a small, dark hat, white shirt with a bow tie, an interesting “puffed up” skirt and thigh high black stockings with a pair of smartly looking shoes. The overall look reminded me of some Japanese trends/fashions, especially the stockings. Very pretty and cute.

Street photography up close and personal


I have noticed this cute and interesting Asian girl as she was approaching a bus stop opposite Town Hall. She was dressed in black boots, black stockings, black shirt, a very colourful and noticeable skirt and she was wearing a red ribbon in her hair. So to say, she looked a picture. However, she passed me quickly and was walking away. I am not in a habit of pursuing people in the street, so I almost accepted this is one of these moments I have missed when the girl out of the sudden turned around and walked straight into me. more