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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Blonde girl soaking up the sunlight


Few days ago I was on my regular train on the way to work. I dozed off and woke up around North Sydney. The train came out of the station tunnel heading towards Milsons Point. The sun hit otherwise dark carriage on my side. In a corner of my eye I noticed another source of light. I turned around.


Girl in polka dots dress


I think this photograph proves that subconciously I prefer blond women. The intention was to show both girls as they clearly stood out in the crowd. With their hair dos and pretty dresses they turned more than one head.

It is not often that I photograph people at the shallowest depth of field and thus normally both girls would be nicely in focus. On this occasion I have not adjusted my lens from previous shot and with the girls passing by very quickly I only had time for this one photograph – focusing on the eyes of the blond girl. I wish I had the time and presence of mind to do the reverse shot.

PS: Check out the Jolly Roger necklace the girl in polka dots dress is wearing.