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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Man in bloom


This is perhaps one of more colourful photographs I have taken for a while. This Asian man’s act was quite unremarkable. He stood on a plastic crate and simply roted hoopla-hoop for a while. I have passed him and only when I was going back 10 minutes later his face drew my attention. I am not sure what motivation was behind his costume but the blooming flowers contrasted strongly with his facial expressions, which were more reminiscent of a scary clown from a circus then those of a man appreciating the beautiful blooms. Also at this stage the position of hoopla-hoop seems to be means of some unnatural propulsion but that is just an odd angle of his body creating this illusion.

Jacaranda bloom and St Andrew’s Cathedral


I had some quick sushi for lunch today next to the Town Hall. As always looking around trying to spot interesting people. What drew my attention however, was not people but a beautifully blooming Jacaranda tree with St Andrew’s Cathedral in the background. I focused closely in order to eliminate all the surrounding buildings and people and just to emphasise how pretty this scene was.