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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Rain Cloud


Often when a photograph of a sunset or sunrise is posted the only reaction the photographer gets is “Oh, OK. Yet another sun rise”. From time to time weather phenomenons change that simple yet beautiful sunset or sunrise into something totally unique. Take this cloud formation which looks as if it had a clearly defined straight edge and the rain would pour over that edge. I have never seen a cloud formed like that. Not only was the rain coming from that edge but also behind it there was a beautiful sunset highlighting layers upon layers of Blue Mountains in the distance.

Man in a hat


Blue Mountains most visited town, Katoomba and its beautiful scenery, as well as relatively cheap housing, attracts an alternative and eccentric subculture. Poets, artists, old hippies and eccentric characters are numerous, and the town hosts a well known midwinter festival featuring their talents. Winter Solstice Festival is a vibrant celebration of humanity and it is the biggest street party in Australia.

I have missed this year’s festival due to professional commitments but visit the town on any day and you will meet the colourful people of the region.

I have met this gentleman while having Belgian waffles with my family.