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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Man in bloom


This is perhaps one of more colourful photographs I have taken for a while. This Asian man’s act was quite unremarkable. He stood on a plastic crate and simply roted hoopla-hoop for a while. I have passed him and only when I was going back 10 minutes later his face drew my attention. I am not sure what motivation was behind his costume but the blooming flowers contrasted strongly with his facial expressions, which were more reminiscent of a scary clown from a circus then those of a man appreciating the beautiful blooms. Also at this stage the position of hoopla-hoop seems to be means of some unnatural propulsion but that is just an odd angle of his body creating this illusion.

Girl by the fountain


You may recognise this location from my previous photos. This is the fountain in the Sydney’s Martin Place. There were no formal events or street performers there today. Instead I’ve noticed this very pretty brunette in black dress waiting for someone. It seems she was getting a bit impatient and I think her body language reflects it well in this photograph.