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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Apple iPhone 5C Advertising Campaign


I am standing on platform 3 of Sydney Town Hall station and I am in awe at the strength Apple has gained for its brand and products. Across the tracks, the platform walls are covered with numerous, huge billboards advertising various products and services from well-known companies. They all follow roughly the same pattern: a bright image, logo, short description of the product, its benefits and a call to action either enticing the public to purchase the product, consider the service or inviting the public to find more information related to the product or service. But not the Apple iPhone 5C ad.


Underwear Police


Yes, Sydney has underwear police conducting a blitz and it’s gotta be Bonds. In a clever and somehow entertaining marketing ploy Bonds are running a promotion for their underwear for men. I wonder if this watchful lady cop saw the brand of my underwear from afar. She has an approving smile … it must have been Bonds.