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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Gorgeous brunette watches tango


Last night I took some photographs during Pitt Stop fashion show. The show was designed to attract customers to the local selection of fashion boutiques. It attracted few hundred spectators. The organisers intermixed the fashion show with dance routines ranging from rap to tango. It was during the tango that I have spotted this gorgeous brunette obviously deeply affected by the dancing performance. And it should be no surprise as the tango dancers were extremely good. Not only were they skilled dancers but the choreography of their routine was very well designed to show off their skill and how well they performed together. Well done Pitt Stop!

Girl by the fountain


You may recognise this location from my previous photos. This is the fountain in the Sydney’s Martin Place. There were no formal events or street performers there today. Instead I’ve noticed this very pretty brunette in black dress waiting for someone. It seems she was getting a bit impatient and I think her body language reflects it well in this photograph.