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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Pitt Street Mall


Pitt Street Mall is currently under renovations. There are multiple developments happening on both sides of the Mall making the place very ugly, loud and dusty. Although the public attendance is still quite high I think this Sydney landmark is letting the people down. Hopefully the refubrishments and redevelopments won’t last too long otherwise the business centre will suffer greatly.

The photograph is showing a couple of girls having a break from shopping in the Pitt Street Mall. They look a bit tired.

Man dancing in the street


Here is a rare public display of joy by a man in a business suit. There was an older busker near by singing very old, rhythmic songs. They were obviously spot on for this young business man who simply started to dance at a pedestrian crossing. It is good to see that in the rush of business day there is still time for these simple pleasures and appreciation of other’s people talents – in this case an invisible singer.