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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Photo Shoot


Some set-up photography scenes are plainly ridiculous. Take this situation for example, I have captured in the Castlereagh Street. A number of photographers surround a model from the side and back. None of them has a position to actually capture a meaningful photograph. The orchestrated scene I guess was designed to show interest in the model or the fashion she was wearing for an invisible photographer, who is capturing them all from behind the white van.

This scene reminds me of a Ford commercial screened often on TV, where an army of photographers surround the car. Admiring it and photographing it. I guess the concept may be OK, but a considerable number of them have Canon EF 70-200mm lens mounted on their cameras. A lens that requires more than 2 meters distance to the subject to obtain focus. And when you are right next to a model or a car with a lens like that you will get rubbish not a photo.