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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Fireworks New Year 2011, Forster


I have spent my New Year’s Eve at Forster. This little tourist town has put on fantastic fireworks show enjoyed by thousands of holiday makers who come to the area famous by its clear and beautifully coloured waters.

Unfortunately for me I was not really prepared for this event from a photographic point of view. I did not have my mid range lens with me and had to shoot the fireworks with a telephoto lens. This removes some of the event’s character but certainly resulted in some unusual captures of the fireworks. Enjoy this little video, which compresses a 30 minute show into a 3 minute presentation.

Australia Day 2007 – Fireworks


Fireworks are a traditional form of celebrating big events in Australia and this year was no different. From spectacular extravaganza of Sydney fireworks to small shows in country towns the sky was set to multicolour kaleidoscopes to celebrate Australia Day.

I was under the impression the attendances at the celebrations were bigger then ever and the national pride just a bit stronger than usual. There are many facts that influenced this with the single most prominent the failed attempt to ban Australian flag from the Big Day Out concert.

You can find further fireworks images in the photo gallery.