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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.



A portrait of a single man in a vast space of concrete pavers with remote silhouettes of people dropped by afternoon shadows. The man is strange, he always sits there. Looks neglected – perhaps homeless but there is something more to him being alone. His gaze is unpleasant, perhaps even scary. He sits there day after day watching people rush to the Central station after work. People avoid him, passing the place from a distance.

Winged Angel Girl


This very dark photo was taken late in the evening at Sydney Central Station. The light was less then desirable and I did not have my flash with me. I’ve used ISO 1600 to bust the sensitivity of the camera. The radiant face of this pretty Asian angel girl and her snow white wings captured enough light to create a very interesting and surreal photograph. I hope my impromptu model will not throw away my business card and visit this site to see herself here.