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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

The storm


This dramatic, Stormy Cloud Formation is a small remaining sign what has happened in our region over the weekend. An absolute deluge has rendered the Central Coast a disaster zone. Nine people lost their lives, 100 thousand were without electricity and even after a very determined efforts of electricity companies there will be many that will be without power for many days to come. Our house has suffered a minor water damage in the garage level, which should dry very quickly but the garden has come up second best and will take a bit of effort both to clean up an restore.

Somerby Falls – after a rain


This Wednesday we had over 120mm of rain overnight. I went to visit Somersby falls in the morning to see the effect the rain would have on the otherwise very placid picnic area. I did expect a lot more water but nowhere near as much it proved to be.

The fall was alive with huge volumes of brown water gashing through the stones. Usually you can walk right to the main face of the fall, that would be very dangerous on the day. I have added few new photographs to the Somersby gallery. Explore and enjoy.