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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Keith Urban


I have taken this photograph of Keith Urban, while he was performing for Sunrise – a Channel & breakfast show. I must admit I do not know hie music and probably as most people I only know his name because he is married to Nicole Kidman. His music is labeled as a country style and I guess this is why I never listed to him before. However, he is a fine rocker. His performance in the studio was certainly an ear opener for me. Although “I told you so” song, for example, features some of country instrumentation it is easily a good pop or rock song depends how your ears are inclined. I guess my perception of what country music is way outdated.

Television rating war is intensifying between rival networks Channel 7 and Channel 9. A popular host of the Channel 7 program Sunrise, David “Kochie” Koch has been surrounded by a small but vocal group of protesters during his regular meeting with the public just around 9am outside the Channel 7 studios. Reportedly, David has commented later on TV that this looked like a stunt organised by the rival TV network. I have to say the protest looked very well organised and not very spontaneous. Just look at these professionally made boards.

David Koch has handled the protesters with utmost professionalism. He has listened to them, and asked one of the security guards to take notes of their names and issues promising to follow it up. One of the protesters have said to a TV crew that he was satisfied Koche will do the right thing.

Channel 9’s A Current Affair has advertised later on the day to bring a report on the issue.