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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Woman in an original outfit


Sydney is full of people with character. Cultural diversity of Sydney may not be always visible in the CBD, especially during the business day. Never the less, not every one wears a suit to work. There are glimpses of original outfits as in the case of this woman, or sometimes it may be an outrageous hair style or colour.



This man is a well known Sydney Scoobie Seller. He walks with his backpack and a handful of scoobies usually around Town Hall. I always though of him as an intense looking character, imposing and rather unfriendly. It is something in the way he approaches people and looks at them. Today, I received a very nice surprise. I photographed him during the lunch break as he was having a huge stretch on a street bench. Is it a simile I see? It is.