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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Stranded commuters at Berowra station


Today, yet again, City Rail has failed its customers. The peak hour train to Central Coast has developed a problem and one of the carriages has started to fill in with heavy, chemical smoke. The train stopped at Berowra and commuters left the carriage by themselves. There was no warning over the PA. Worse yet, once the City Rail stuff have found the smoke they still allowed the commuters to return on the train without finding the underlying cause.

I watched in disbelief the same was repeated upon arrival of the Fire brigade. No communication was issued to hundreds of people sitting on the train. It took another 15 minutes before finally someone decided the further trip was not possible for this train and everyone was asked to leave and wait for the following service.

To me this situation demonstrated City Rail is poorly prepared for emergency situations. In case like this where a carriage is filled with choking smoke, everyone should have been asked to leave until the train was declared safe. This time the smoke proved to be the result of a blocked break but next time it may be something more serious.

Luggage on City Rail


This seemingly uninteresting scene represents an issue that is close to the heart for many commuters and travelers on Sydney City Rail. The carriages are not designed for any luggage. Carrying even small backpack, as many commuters do, presents a problem, never mind big suitcases like the ones shown on the photograph.