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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Cape Byron sunrise


A very touristy thing to do in Byron Bay is to visit the Byron Bay lighthouse, located on Cape Byron, the most easterly point of mainland Australia. Most tourists visit during the day, many at sunset but very few bother to get up early in the morning for the sunrise. We did.

Heavy cloud cover meant we were all but to miss out on the daily sun ritual. Few people who arrived around the same time as us have left, as the rain started to drizzle. On the horizon the sun was rising behind the clouds quite quickly. At one point it reached a position where a it could shine through a gap between the clouds. This is the moment I have captured this photograph.

The curtain of sun rays between the clouds and the ocean surface and a strong, but not overpowering reflection of the sun disk on the water created a beautiful spectacle. It lasted only couple of minutes.

Storm clouds over Terrigal


This photograph of Storm clouds over Terrigal is a bit out of sequence in the blog. I took this photograph early on Sunday morning, some three hours before I did the Pinnacle dive of the Bateau Bay. Looking at these dramatic clouds I thought they will be the end to my diving plans, but luckily they have dispersed just a couple of hours later with some staying far on the horizon.