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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Two women asleep at a bus stop


Here is a photographic moment to demonstrate how punctual and efficient Sydney transport is. This is a popular bus stop opposite Sydney Town Hall. Almost all city bus routs go through here and thus it is well attended by commuters. On a nice, sunny day you can go to sleep, as these two women did, and not miss a bus.

Well, perhaps it is not that bad. I used to travel on 150 Manly bus service for few years and it was as punctual as Military Road allowed for it.

On an unrelated issue I have been asked why I use black and white in the street photography. The answer is quite simple. I want the viewer to concentrate on the people as the subject of the photograph and not on some side elements because their colour (yellow or orange in particular) or luminosity like car light or lamp post draws the attention of the eye. Sometimes I will use colour photographs when the colour or the tone of the light actually makes or completes the photograph.

Luggage on City Rail


This seemingly uninteresting scene represents an issue that is close to the heart for many commuters and travelers on Sydney City Rail. The carriages are not designed for any luggage. Carrying even small backpack, as many commuters do, presents a problem, never mind big suitcases like the ones shown on the photograph.