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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Dove of Peace


I’m feeding this dove and look what it does to me.

This dove seem to bring peace to this man. I have to say I thought for a long time before asking if I can take a photo as he and his companions looked rough and less then friendly. Than I looked at the bird again and I knew the answer before I even asked.

Assistance Dogs


I have taken many photographs at Martin Place but none as moving as this one. This is Jessika and her golden retriever Lexi. Lexi is a very special dog, she is a graduate of Assistance Dogs Australia program, where dogs are specially trained to become companions for people with physical disabilities. The aim of the program is to improve quality of life for these people. According to her mother Jessika simply adores Lexi.

Here is a future graduate of the program – an adorable Labrador puppy:

And if this motorcycle club member with his big smile and even bigger heart can support this program so can anyone (visit for details):