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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

A beggar with a cup


Just outside Gloria Jeans coffee shop on the corner of Pitt and Park streets a beggar was begging on his knees with a cup from the very coffee shop. Wave after of people getting through the pedestrian crossings of both streets ignored him completely. Few hundred meters from him another beggar with couple of dogs was reading a book without paying any attention to the crowd that passed him. Unlike the kneeling’s beggar he was receiving regular donations.

It is a strange world indeed. Is it the fact that one of them had dogs that made people more generous, or was it the fact the kneeling beggar tried a touch to hard to be genuine?

Skateboarder having lunch at Town Hall


I was passing Sydney Town Hall when I have noticed a skateboarder sitting on the ornate balustrade and he was having his lunch. Bent almost in half he was looking somewhere as if he was trying to spot someone. At the same time there was considerable group of people at the pedestrian crossing and I have noticed that practically everyone was turned away from the skateboarder. With a semi circular space created between the young man and the rest of the crowd. Town Hall is a busy place at lunchtime and it was rather odd there were no people walking towards me and the skateboarder.