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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Hooded man in a dark alley


There are certain fashion trends that make me really uneasy. One of them would be the super dark glasses, which make eye contact during conversation impossible. Another fashion trend is to wear the hoodie everywhere. I think it is the lack of identifiable human feature that make these hooded tops look rather unfriendly.

Just look at this photograph of a young man in a dark alley in his dark cloths and headed covered with the hood. Is this an inviting scene? Would you venture behind him into this alley?

Australian Fashion Week 2007


Running Away From the Australian Fashion Week and staying true to their own style.

Models Between Sessions: It’s all about legs, higheels and patterned stockings.

You Need Head Protection To Attend: and perhaps a pair of industrial dark glasses to prevent blindness from all the glamour.

Australian Fashion Week 2007 – Fortress. AFW is an industry only event.