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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Drummer and cyclist


This photograph of a Japanese drummer and a cyclist is all about perspective. Since this photograph contains very few elements there is no point of reference for scale. The flat wall and a bit of pedestrian walkway create only a “view box”. Now, I had a wide angle lens on the camera which tends to exaggerate the proportions. The difference in distance between the drummer and the cyclist is only about 2 meters but because of the low viewpoint the cyclist looks disproportionally tall. This technique is frequently used for landscape photography to emphasise clouds and thus create an impression of expanded space.

Two men


I have spotted these two men sharing a single bench in Pitt Street Mall. There was an interesting similarity in the way they were sitting and yet there was a world of difference between them. Young, fashionable and what seems to be a very assertive young men in the foreground and in the background and older man in conservative cloths. They both looked somewhere ahead, possibly, simply at people passing by.

This is not technically perfect photo and I was ready to delete it but the captured scene won over the technical aspect.